January 22, 2012

Starting the Blog

This time we want to talk about why we started the blog. Being in a long distant relationship sometimes can get into a rut like anything else in life. Since we cannot do every day activities together like normal couples do, we have to find other things we can do together. This blog is a result of that.

We thought it would be fun to reminisce about all that has already taken place in our lives together and tell about any exciting changes that will happen in the future. Since this might be the year for Patrick to come to Germany we would have a lot of exciting stories to share. ☺

We will try to blog at least once a week; so please subscribe. In our future blogs there will be stories like: Our first I love you, Last Valentine's day, A trip to the zoo, Christmas Visit, Spring Break, Our sad goodbye, and many more stories. In between past memories you will get to hear about our long distant relationship and any present updates.

If you enjoy our blog, please become a member or subscribe ("Follow by email"-bottom of page) in order to stay updated. We want you to take a joy in reading how our love story unfolds. So if you have any new ideas for a blog or want to know something please feel free to leave a comment and it just might be our next blog!

Patrick: Flowers I sent Iris while she was in college.
Iris: I was so surprised when they came and these are the most beautiful bouquet I ever had.
 I couldn't stop looking at them. ☺



  1. Excited to see what God has in store for you both! The future is always an adventure in waiting! Pursue your decisions -together- and with prayer, always. Stay in constant communication regardless of the circumstances or challenges, great and small. And above all... Love. Love when it's easy and when it's hard <3

  2. it is nice to see how much you both care for each other


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