April 04, 2014


Refashioned 2 tops & 2 skirts that were to big to fit me.
An Indian headband for class.

Blog posts here and there.

Hogan's Heroes reruns! ☺ Love that show

The end of student teaching & the beginning of summer break!!
Seeing Patrick again!

☼Praying for:
Wisdom & Strength
For Missioaries to have one or two men/families that are pillars in the ministry.
For Christians struggling & trying to serve the Lord.

My basic times tables again.......what is 8 x 7 again??
Homework still isn't fun.....even as a teacher.

☼Making me happy:
When the kids say at the end of the day "What? School is done already? It feels like we just started!"

Here is a catch up of my pictures of the week:

Week 11- dropping Patrick off at the airport
Week 12- enjoying the first warmer weather and spring flowers
Week 13- backed up our car into another car.
Week 13-  Cherry Blossoms and Spring Sunshine (Trip to the Woods during Student Teaching)
Week 14- Our Church MOVED!!!

 Hello Friends,

My student teaching is going really well. I just finished week 7 today. I cannot believe I only have two more weeks of teaching! I am finally getting into the routine and then I have to leave. In one week we will have 2 weeks of Easter break....not for me though. During those 2 weeks of break I have to finish my last college class: Adolescence Behavior. Pfew! Busy busy...

I am so looking forward to traveling to FL in May and then seeing Patrick again. I have so many things planned this summer. I am excited to see what all I get to do.

What has been keeping you busy?



  1. I just finished my student teaching in December! It's the best feeling ever when it ends! Yay for graduating! Just found you blog and I love it!


  2. Hi Iris! Just discovered this blog and your fashion one and love them both! I've enjoyed looking through them. Please come check out my blog and follow!


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