October 24, 2014

Our First Apartment

Living room - balcony view
Kitchen- view into Living room

Hi Lovely readers,

Lot's more has happened since getting married....with starting a new family we also needed a place we could call home. Patrick and I were looking for that special place for quite some time..... we all have plans on how things ought to be.....and God's ways are different.

Four whole weeks after we were married we signed the contract for this little place. Times were tough before....sharing a single bed for 3 weeks wasn't easy...lol....talking about getting to know each others sleeping habits! ☺

We started moving in right away.....I had only 1 week left before I had to start my full time teaching job. Little by little we moved things into the apartment we called our own......and have been these last few weeks.

I'm planning on sharing how I furnished and decorated the place in the coming future....it is about the my Blue Birdhouse I call home.


  1. I love your little home! So cute and cozy :)

  2. Lovely to see a post from you- I was wondering if you would keep blogging! Your apartment looks lovely- I love the roof and the windows. Very stylish! Can't believe you were squeezing into a single bed- Joel and I struggle to fit into a double! ha ha

    1. I know! I have not been posting regular....I really miss it! I LOVE blogging. The slanted walls aren't great but it makes it comfy.

      Hahahaha....yep, single bed....the first night on a double bed was wonderful & weird....I almost felt lonely 'cause I didn't feel him next to me anymore. lol

  3. A single bed?! Oh my! Congratulations on finding an apartment - from the pictures it looks like it's tiny but beautiful!

    1. Thank you! It is small but doable and coming together rather nicely. ☺

  4. Looks like a cozy place to call home! Glad to see you are still blogging. Congratulations!!!! :)


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