April 24, 2015


Patrick and I were listening to Final Fight. We totally fell in love when we first started listening. We (especially Patrick) knew almost everyone singing and preaching. One group I went to college with and Patrick's home church sings on here too. Two missionaries sent from his church read Scripture. It's just cool! But with a small radio station came....
them always singing the exact same things (and to be honest: some people can't sing) and it just became to much to our musical ears.

So I searched for another online Christian Radio and we really enjoy: Wonderful Grace Radio on Live365.

Actually we've not been watching ANY movies during the week. We watch our weekly shows on the weekend. A fun oldie Patrick introduced me too recently is the Adventures of Superman from 1952. Great Storyline, just 20 minute long....but boy has acting changed since then!

No books! I need to get better at this! With the no TV rule I've been working on doing my daily household chore & wasting time on pinterest.....now to get back to reading.

Working on:
Getting back into blogging....for real. 

Turtleneck to doily shirt.....will blog about it soon.

The last 9 weeks of school....will I get everything done? #firstyearteacherproblems
And what to do for our one year anniversary? Paris? City in Germany? How long?

Cursive.....I cannot wait for us to write everything cursive. I am sooooo much better at cursive than "normal" letters.

Future plans: Blog post ideas....will I ever make this blog a business? How to schedule my time better? How long will I end up teaching? Will we ever buy a home? So many things.

The beautiful warm spring days.....and all the colorful trees that come with it. And the adorable birds I am seeing busily being twitterpated and happy.

Nothing.....I can think of some little things.....and a few things that would nice to have.....but I really do not NEED anything. God is good.


  1. I enjoyed reading this post so much! I also don't watch much tv but spend a lot of time on pinterest and working on my blog. I want to re-read The Hiding Place sometime, but right now I'm not reading anything except my Bible. And I can totally relate to the "Will we ever buy a home?" question. I feel the same way right now. I'm having a hard time finding a job and realizing how much I just enjoy being a housewife. We're living with my husband's parents, who both work, so I feel like I should be working so we can buy our own home. Either way it will still be a challenge to find one in our price range if I'm working or not.

    1. Yes, definitely reading my Bible and blogs.
      I am so looking forward to being a stay-at-home wife...I am glad that we are renting an apartment with my hubby though. I could not live my my or his parents for long. Love being a homemaker.
      I hope you guys find something soon! ☺

  2. I always enjoy reading your "Currently" posts. You always seem to achieve so much and I love seeing pictures of the inside of your home. For your anniversary - Paris is so romantic - we stayed there for a weekend before the children arrived. For beautiful scenery you cannot beat the highlands of Scotland with either Inverness or Fort William as your base.

    Take care


    1. I am planning on doing a home tour soon! Wanted to take pics this weekend but ended up going to my student music recital.

      I so want to see Great Britain and Ireland! Maybe I should look into that too. ☺

  3. I started listening to Final flight station today while pottering around at home doing chores. :) Lots of fun. Thanks for sharing! Didnt even know it existed. lol Thanks for sharing! Keep up the good work, your a busy little bee! ;)

  4. love reading this! it's fun to see others enjoying the married life - it's good!


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