Love Story

Patrick wanted to go on a Missions trip. Iris was planning on going to college.
Iris saw Patrick on the church street-meeting.
Patrick and Iris started singing together with other people
Patrick and Iris start talking.
Iris likes Patrick. Patrick is interested in Iris.
Patrick and Iris talk a little more.
Patrick prays... Iris waits.

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Patrick prays & talks to Iris's Pastor.
Pastor says: "Talk to mom"
Patrick is nervous. Patrick fasts.
Patrick prays and prays and prays.
Patrick sees mom alone in class room.
Patrick sees the chance to ask.
Nervous Patrick ask for permission to talk to Iris.
Mom tells Iris, Patrick is interested.
Iris in really nervous now.
Iris prays and says yes.
June 2,2010 Patrick and Iris start courting.

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  1. i think it's very important to have faith ;)


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