September 24, 2013

Bird Deco // Great Bargain

All I wanted to do is get to bands from the Craft store.....then my mom saw it. There were a few baskets full of decoration stuff and you could take a bag & fill it for only 4,99€ ($6).

We stuffed that bag FULL of things! Some things for my mom and some things for me. 

The original prices:

Big bird "cage": 15€
2 small bird "cages": Each 10€
Bird rocker: 12€

Other things together: 40€

Listed are only MY things and then my mom got a few things as well.....all for 5€!

Don't you just love a bargain.


  1. I love those bird cages! They look so vintage-y and pretty!

    1. I know....I love vintage accents! ☺


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