September 27, 2013

Leaving or Staying?

That is the question Patrick and I have been asking ourselves these last months.

Leaving or Staying?

We had days full of hope.
We had days full of doubt.

Days full of ideas.
Days with no ideas left.

To apply or not to apply....that was the question.

Patrick wanted to try to work in Security....but he didn't pass the try writing an exam in a foreign language!

Then one last last idea....time is running out, you know.

He applied....he had an interview...he worked for 3 days to see.....AND THEY TOOK HIM!!!

He has a job!

That is a big big step in the right direction! Thank you God!!

Now he needs a work permit...and with it a visa....but God can work that out too. ☺

Thank you for your prayers...will you continue to pray please?



  1. Yayayayayay!!!! That is sooo exciting!!! I will definitely continue to pray for ya'll!!!! So happy!!!-Leah

    1. Yes it is!!! And thank you for praying.

  2. Exciting news! Congrats to him on the new job!


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