October 01, 2013

A Trip to Holiday Park // Journal Update

On Saturday the young adults from my church went to an amusement park together. At first we weren't sure there wouldn't be enough cars but thankfully we did.
The night before I drank a little to much coke at friends and was in big pain during the night. My birds had to go crazy and freak out about who knows what......so my night was short and sleepless.

But I am so glad I went. We had LOTS of laughs and wonderful fellowship.

On our way to the park..... Patrick has to be silly.
Water rafting....there were no people in line because it was super cold so we got to go twice! **
What can I say.....lol **
My best friend and Patrick....waiting for the water ski show to start....Patrick's favorite.
Even Lassi can water ski!!!
Yep Darth Vader on fire....Superman was there too.....and Elvis and Lady Gaga....stange!
The show's story line was a movie lasting...and afterwards they played a pirate & gangster western....lol
This ride ruined Patrick's day.....afterward he never felt the same... ☺ **

Do you like amusement Parks? Roller Coasters?

** These pictures were taken by my photographer friend

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