October 25, 2013

My New Camera

Can you tell? I am super excited. I was happy with my old camera...really I was. But then she started acting up a bit....poor thing....it's been with me through thick and thin and has been dropped so many times.....it really wasn't it's fault. 

I love photography....mainly nature photography right now and was getting better and better at. I knew I wanted to upgrade eventually...in a few years maybe...when I had more money....but then I had a Christmas proposal......I need to pick out what I want/ can use and have it for CHristmas
My photography friend helped me find what I wanted.....I knew what my camera should be able to do but I was a bit overwelmed by the options out there.....then he propose The Lumix Panasonic FZ62. After a few reviews I knew this was it! 
My friend found me a good deal too.

After some time I was finally able to order it and I was smiling SOOOOOOOOOO big when it came in the mail!!

Every day I am learning something new....here are a few I took since Wednesday. :)

I can do panorama pictures:

Working on my macro....but this turned out nicely!

So much sharper!!

And my 24x zoom!!! This bird was pretty far away...my eye didn't even see him this good!

I will be posting another patch of nature photography pictures next week I did with my old camera but then....everything with my Lumix!


  1. So excited for your new camera Iris ! I can't wait to discover the beautiful pictures you're gonna take with it !
    Have a fantastic weekend
    PS : did you get my email ?!

    1. Took so many pictures of our work day and game night at church! :D My camera is so fun!


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