October 15, 2013

Blog Button with a Grab Box // Quick and Easy

Blog Buttons are so important for our blogs. Today we will be just talking about how to get your picture into a button with a grab box.

1. Take your picture and upload it to a site such as photobucket or flickr....both are free. I am using photobucket.

2. After uploading it you need your picture's URL.In photobucket it's called "Direct Link"

3. Go into your blog and add a HTML gadget to your layout. Now add this HTML.


<center><a href=”YourBlogAddress target=”_blank” title=”The Blue Birdhouse“><img alt=”The Blue Birdhouse” src=”DIRECT LINK /></a><center>
<center><textarea id=”code-source” rows=”3″ name=”code-source”><center><a href=”YourBlogAddress><img border=”0″ src=”DIRECT LINK /></a></center></textarea></center></center>

4. Add your blog address and photo's URL

5.  Save

6. Enjoy your new blog button!


  1. Really this is easy! So easy I can't believe I haven't done this yet!:)

    I would love to exchange buttons with you!


    1. Yep! Super Easy! When you have a button we can exchange it! :)


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