December 28, 2013

Goals 2013 Roundup

I've been really bad.....but here a final Roundup of my goals this year.

→Be more efficient with my time- I had good days.....and bad days. Every day I try to be more efficient.

→A glass of water every day**- Well....I have not been doing that much anymore but I have been trying to drink more.

**I don't drink any soda or coffee and when I am not drinking water I drink at least 5 glasses of 1/3 apple juice diluted with 2/3 water .
 →Play piano 4x a week- I have been doing pretty good at this....even if I'm really busy I'll play one song...just to relax.

→Play violin once a week- Nope....not at all. My violin stayed at the church so I could play with our little group when we had a little bit of time.

→Exercise 15 minutes- I  did good....I did really bad....I did good for a few weeks ago...and then bad again.

→Pass out a tract-  ....

read a book every month- I did pretty good with this.

create something once a month (digital, crafting, sewing)- I love crafting and this was no problem.

1 guest post/month- I do need to work on this well as doing Guest post.

→1 vlog/ month- Not consistent but I did try.

practice one song a month together- Don't know if we actually worked on one every month but we have been singing songs for church regular.

continue monthly date night -  Nope....we even forgot our 3.5 year anniversary.

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