January 04, 2014

Christmas in Review

Church Christmas

On Sunday the 22nd there was lots of special music from various people and groups....for most of them I played piano accompaniment. It was a lot of fun. Then we had lunch & after all the guests left we sat in a big circle and everyone shared one blessing or lesson the Lord gave them that year. Afterwards the gifts were handed out from our Christmas gift exchange.
Patrick got everything he had written as suggestions....and way more. He was SUPER happy!

Christmas at Work
I had a lot of fun decorating the tree for my mom's boss. She told me what she wanted and I went to work.

Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve was pretty traditional. We read the Christmas story and sang lots of Christmas song after we had our tummies full of yummy food. 
Mary and Joseph finally made it to the stable and Mary gave birth to baby Jesus.
Lots of gifts were unwrapped.
oooo's and aaaaaaah's
And many hugs with big thank you's. 

Christmas Day
Christmas day we celebrated with friends. 
We played Apples to Apples. Who else loves that game?
We had raclette and homemade crepes....and just ate way to much!
I did hair and nails for pretty much all the ladies present. Nails I will be sharing on Feminine Modesty sooner or later. One of the hairstyles was Anna's updo from the movie Frozen. ☺

All in all....Christmas was EXTREMLY busy but was also loads of fun!

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