January 29, 2014


Designed & redesigned all the calendar desktop backgrounds.Noticed the size was to small for clear pictures on this months background...

Sound Doctrine CD's
Something new I came across: Dramatized Audio Bible!

The Holiest of All by Andrew Murray

Hogan's Heroes - best show ever!

Finishing Classes....last semester....I feel the breeze from the end of the tunnel.

☼Praying for:
An Answer about Patrick & My future

To have peace & trust
When should I go to bed? Sleep time calculator. It's pretty cool!

☼Making me happy:
Chatting with friends in the States.
Flowers Patrick got me.

Here is a catch up of my pictures of the week:

Week One- New Year
Week 2- the sad letter.
Week 3- My grandma's birthday
Week 4- Patrick's Roses

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