January 17, 2014

Goals for 2014

Last year was my first year I actually had new year goals. It was a pretty detailed and long list....you can see how I did {here}.

This year I decided to go simpler since this year will be bringing a lot of change.

♥ Read a book every month ♥
This is a very doable goal. I will be finishing up two last books for school this month and I cannot wait to start reading the book I choose. I have a growing stack of books under my desk I have collected over the last two years. This goal should be no problem.

♥ Craft & Design ♥
This is open to designing things on the computer, creating cards or tutorials and sewing/ refashioning clothes. ☺ I believe I can do that!

♥ No social media past 11 o'clock ♥
I saw Samantha write about it and really like this idea. I wanted to do less social media and if I stick to this rule there will be less later nights where I quickly jump on pinterest. 

♥ Work on relationships ♥
This is God and the people around me. College (& no job) has forced me to say no many times to people. I just. didn't. have. time. But after that I want to say yes more often and plan things with my family and friends around me. I want to leave people messages on FB more often, write more emails and....like Amber mentioned, write letters. Letters, not only to send via snail mail but write thank you notes and encouragements.

♥ Guest Posts ♥
This is a blogging goal. I really would like to work with bloggers and grow a community. Anyone interested? I want more guestposts on my blogs and I also want to write some guest posts on other blogs.

♥ Finish College ♥
Been working on this 4 years but the end is in sight. May 18th is GRADUATION! ☺ Florida, here I come!!!

♥ Ready for Changes ♥
I am planning and expecting many changes this year. One happened already as you can read here. Here is a list of changes I am planning on and some that look might happen. Finishing classes, student teaching, graduate, travel to US, get engaged, get married, move into a new apartment, start working....who knows what else might happen.

♥ Photo a Week ♥
This idea I took from Amber. I tried a photo challenge from Capture Your 365 but that was just to much. A photo a week....the is doable because I normally take more. Though I want to keep it simple I want to have a picture that sums up the week. If really nothing special happened a favorite picture of a flower will do. ☺

What are some things you have planned for this year?

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  1. you have inspired me to try no social media after 11! i never even thought to try that. thanks for sharing!

    1. It is a great idea...need to stay firm with myself and keep to this!

  2. I am like you. I want to write more notes and cards to people. Let them know I am thinking about them.


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