January 04, 2014

"Silvester" in Review

The new year is always celebrates with a big bang here in Germany...fireworks are awesome. With a few people from church we played games, ate and prayed in the new year. Afterwards we all went outside watched and did some fireworks and I had fun with my new camera, manual settings and moving sparklers. ☺

What did you do on new years eve?

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  1. I enjoyed the pictures Iris! We had a get-together at our church where we played games and then prayed in the new year as well :)

  2. Hi Iris! This New Year's my family watched the annual fireworks show here in Colorado Springs. In this show, fireworks are set off on Pikes Peak. They light up the majestic mountain so beautifully!
    I love your New Year's pictures! God Bless,


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