February 20, 2014

The Start of Student Teaching

Student Teaching.

It started on Monday.

I am tired.

I am having fun.

I can't believe I am finally "there". I am a senior. All my classes are pretty much done. I started my 9 weeks of student teaching and then....GRADUATION.
I am doing my student teaching in the German Christian School I was at from 3rd grade till graduation.  I was placed in the 2nd grade for my student teaching...the biggest class with 17 kids. Perfect timing too since the supervisory teacher is sick this week.

Normally I am suppose to "just" sit in the classroom my first week but I already taught 2 math classes and one English class.....I am teaching another math and English class tomorrow.

Next week I am officially starting with teaching music....my "first" subject. For this I actually have to make a lesson plan and be all formal about it...work work work.....writing those lesson plans.

Actually...I need to work on that now.....

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  1. Just read this. Sounds like you're going to get a lot of experience on your prac! In Australia, we'd be pretty happy if the class sizes were 17, my friend has 26 in her year 3 class (and even that's not considered huge)

    Love Lorinda


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