February 14, 2014

Valentine Card // Lost Without You

I'm Lost Without You

That is how I feel about Patrick....a reason I am not anticipating him leaving to the US in the next few weeks. I will be sitting alone at church & at church functions. I won't be able to have a 10 minute chat over the phone and say goodnight before I fall asleep.....

I'll be Lost without You

There is someone else I'd be lost without.... Jesus Christ. If I had not accepted his free gift of salvation....his death and resurection....I would be on my way to hell.

I'd be Lost without you.

Head over to Feminine Modesty to see my Valentine outfit....date night tonight. ☺

Happy Valentine's day!!


  1. Cute card. And good that you're realizing that it's ultimately not Patrick you'd be lost without. But still, so sad! Wishing you wisdom and strength as you seek to navigate this new season of your relationship.

  2. cute card - will be praying for you...separation across the seas again is not fun!


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