March 21, 2014

A Trip to to the Woods

Last week my second grade class took a field trip to the woods on the warm spring day.

Every student got a paper with a few plants they needed to find during our trip. We walked from the school to the woods and went up the "Heaven's Ladder"....513 steps! We all were so exhausted once we got up there! ☺

We walked through the woods and collected eatable plants. The kids were very excited about that! I just hope they did not eat everything they collected in their bags because they also added other plants they liked.

Then they showed me where they had set up their "woods-school". There we ate lunch, the children played and built different things. 

It was a wonderful & beautiful day.

Have you done anything special since the weather has warmed up?


  1. Oh my . . . this outing sounds lovely! Well, I have spent some time outside with the warm weather we've had lately. I'm so glad spring is here! :)

  2. Sounds wonderful! You got some beautiful pictures of the day!


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