September 17, 2014

Reception & Games

The Family's Table
Cutting the cake
Isn't that cake BEAUTIFUL!?
This was a CRAZY & fun game.....12 young adults had to do something and hurry and get a seat (one less than people). The loser of the each round has to give us the next 12 months we will be getting gifts!
We had to guess who's hand was our partner.....we both didn't win.
My mom and grandma...
Patrick made his hands dry & my dad wet his hand to feel sweaty.....they tricked me!!

What a crazy & fun day it was.....after this we headed to the Schwetzingen Castle Garden to take the professional pictures.... I hope to post those soon!

So what are your favorite pictures of the last 3 days?


  1. I love all of them! Wish I could have been there -that was my secret plan, hehe, but unfortunately it didn't work out :-( May I ask where you got the bridesmaids' dresses?

    1. That would have been a great surprise!!! Thank you for your gift.... you will get a thank you note sometime in the
      I found the dresses on Ebay for $25! ☺

  2. Neat to see all these pictures - I was looking forward to them! My favorites? The one of your stepmom doing your mom's hair was sweet, the one above of the groomsman holding out his suspenders is fun, and in another photo up above, it's neat to see you and Patrick actually touching after all this time (I'm sure you think so too!) Are the bridesmaids wearing the same dresses as you wore for your engagement photo's?

    1. It is special for us to be touching, hugging, kissing and holding hands.... we love being married. ♥
      And noticed....the bridesmaids dresses are the same. I actually had ordered one for myself and the girls all said that they liked them for bridesmaids dresses as well. ☺

  3. That picture of you and Patrick at the reception above, looking at each other and laughing- you with your hand over your mouth- that's my favorite. And what a sly game, tricking your friends into giving you presents for the next year... ;)

  4. I have really enjoyed seeing all your wedding photos and am so pleased you all had a wonderful time.



  5. Hi Iris! First of all, Congrats to you both on your marriage. May your marriage be filled with blessings :) I loved seeing your photos of your reception, wedding and pre- wedding. I would have to say one of my favorite pictures is the one right after your first kiss. The look you are giving to your husband shows the depth of your love for him. :) I am excited to get to read all the things God has for you in the years to come!!

  6. Congratulations! Isn't it wonderful to be married???!!!! :) Love the pictures - your bridesmaid dresses are so cute. And you looked beautiful! Looks like a delightful and wonderful day! Will you share formals? (and isn't it being your own wedding just grand?!) blessings!

  7. These are such special pictures, Iris. Your wedding looks so beautiful, fun but Godly. And your cake! It looks like a blue birdhouse! That is so cool! I loved these photos...thank you so much for sharing these precious moments with us, Iris. <3


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