September 15, 2014

The Morning of the Wedding

This week I am FINALLY showing my wedding pictures.....many of you have been waiting patiently to see them!

This week is my last week before I start teaching....and I will be busy more exciting things to post about soon. But here:
The Morning of the Wedding.

Due to our house being FULL of people (7 people in a 3 bedroom house) my dad let me and my mom stay in a room in their hotel the morning before the wedding. PERFECT. It let me have on last mommy-daughter evening, relax and have a GOOD nights sleep.

Also, it gave the space for all my bridesmaids to come and get ready with my the next morning.
My step-mom doing my mom's hair.
Look at the says Mrs. new last name! :D
Horrible picture of my mommy though.
The makeup slowly coming together... ignore the pale lips.
My maid of honors hair....beautiful!
Putting on the dress.....
Last touch-ups.....we are running late!!!
Pirty. :)
Heading out......hurry!
Waiting in the's the day!

Tomorrow you'll see the pictures of the ceremony!☺


  1. You're a beautiful bride! I like your nontraditional wedding colors/theme- I knew you would do things your own way! Waiting impatiently for tomorrow's post....


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