August 08, 2014

A Trip Along the Necker // Travel

I'm playing "Catch-Up"..... Sooooooo much happened this summer and I DO want to keep it all documented here on the blog. Let me begin:

After I came back from the States I had about 3 weeks until friends and family from the States were coming to Germany for the wedding. Of course we wanted to show them some things and especially Patrick's friend and bestman stayed extra long to make his trip "worth while".

Our first trip was along the river here in Heidelberg. It was a very sunny day....and lets just say I got some color for my wedding the following week....hahahaha....thankfully it turned a nice brown after the red.

The boat ride was fun and relaxing and the hike to the castles was entertaining....espcially with these two guys. lol We even shot a short video which the bestman isn't willing to share with the world... We had a great time though.

If you are ever in Heidelberg.....I recommend doing the Four Castle boats ride along the Necker.

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