December 29, 2014

Goals 2014 in Review

I totally forgot I even had a list of goals until today. I did remember my photo a week though. 

Well let's see how I did:
"This year I decided to go simpler since this year will be bringing a lot of change."

Read a book every month
Um..... I didn't quite make it. Counting off the top of my head I read 9 books this year. Not enough but I did have a busy year.  I need to get better at reading books again though....goal for 2015?

Craft & Design
I think I did well here....had more creative months than others but between my wedding and making a home I designed, crafted & sewed quite a few things.

♥ No social media past 11 o'clock
Oh my.....I totally forgot this goal. I remember being very faithful in the beginning of the year and it became a habit. I do it without thinking now because I want my sleep.

Work on relationships
Mhmmmm....did good I think? The goal here was to reach out to my friends and family even while I am busy. I try....I am thankful for social media & skype that makes that possible. I will continue to work on this though.

Guest Posts
Total fail here. Did I even have a single guest post this year?

Finish College
Hahahaha.....I made it guys! I graduated!

Ready for Changes
"I am planning and expecting many changes this year. One happened already as you can read here (?). Here is a list of changes I am planning on and some that look might happen. Finishing classes, student teaching, graduate, travel to US, get engaged, get married, move into a new apartment, start working....who knows what else might happen."
I had to keep this for you to read.... because all of this happened!!! ☺
♥ Photo a Week ♥
Ok.....So I was not faithful in selecting and editing my photo a week but I DEFINITLY took a photo a week. I stopped choosing and editing in Week 12.... yep... lots of catching up to do.

How did you do with your New Year Resolutions?


  1. You have had a very eventful, fulfilling and successful year - congratulations!

    I am sure you will be forgiven for not posting your photos after week 12 - only 48 to catch up on!!!

    I wish you and Patrick and happy, healthy and rewarding 2015.



    1. Oooh Iris - I've just noticed that I need a lesson in elementary arithmatic! I am sure your students could do better - actually only 40 to catch up on!!

      ...and not a drop of alcoohol had touched my lips !!!

  2. Wow! It really looks to me like you got a LOT done this year! Congratulations on graduating and getting married--all in one year. That is amazing!
    Blessings in your new year,


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