December 26, 2014

Christmas Tour 2014

I copied the lyrics board idea from a picture I saw on pinterest
A nativity scene we've had a long time but never used at my mom's house....
My Christmas pillows....
Who doesn't like Candles to relax?
My living room....pick a seat.
Cookies anyone?
My advent Candles
In the Kitchen
Peaking into the Kitchen
Let it snow...let it snow...let it snow
Do you celebrate on the 24th or 25th?

May I say I am proud of my little apartment? It's so cozy....that's the perfect word to describe my apartment under the roof...with all the wood.

And I must say that Christmas is my favorite holiday...the only holiday you can go all out with decorations....and that is what I did. Ok...not overwhelming but just touches of Christmas scattered throughout my little home.

Welcome to my little home...would like some tea, coffee or hot cocoa?


  1. Your apartment looks truly amazing - you should be justly proud of it!

    I hope you had a lovely Christmas with Patrick and your family

    ......oh and a hot cocoa for me please - he he!



    1. Thank you! ♥

      Oh, and hot cocoa with whip cream and candy cane coming right up. ☺

  2. love this home tour - Christmas is my favorite holiday too and I just loved decorating my OWN home this year. :)

  3. Very cute :) Love it all! Your home is coming along lovely :)

  4. So fun to get a glimpse into your place. :) Your cookies look wonderful. :)

  5. Love your decorations and the layout of your place! It looks so wonderful and cozy!


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