January 02, 2018

Goals for 2018 // Video

Happy New Year!!!!

Wow, I can't believe it's already 2018! With a new year also comes all the new goals and new years resolutions!

Do you have new years resolutions?

After loosing all of my photos on my external harddrive that could not even be saved by the professionals I was more than relieved to remember that I had blogged about the highlights of my life in the past.

At least I still had the photos on this blog!

After that, my husband encouraged me to get back into blogging. The Blue Birdhouse will always "just" be my creative outlet...so it's an extension of me in a way.

This year I will try my best to get on here once a month and just update or post whatever comes to mind.

So I thought I'd share what my goal/ word is for 2018! I love talking...hahahaha...so I wanted to do a video. If you want something to listen to while your working...hit play. Just be warned that my lovely birds that share the "blue birdhouse" with me get pretty loud at time.

If you rather like to read, here is a condensed version of what I talk about in the video:

My word for 2018 is PRIORITY
The other word that kinda goes along side that is INTENTIONAL

I really have been focusing on growing lately...growing in wisdom and in knowlege. I wanted to change...I wanted to become a better wife and woman in this world.

I prayed for the Lord to give me something that I could work on in 2018. 

He had laid some things on my heart that he wanted me to do but I didn't /don't know yet when and how.

In this time of prayer the Lord answered and opened my eyes to where a lot of my struggles were coming from. My priorities are completely out of wack! Yes, I said "are"....it's going to be a long hard process, daily decisions to be intentional with my time and prioritize correctly.

Maybe your life looks similar to mine:
work consumes you, family beg for your attention, you know you should spend quality time with your spouse (and kids), situations come up that you "have to" tend too, life happens and after all that we throw in some time for your devotions.

Then I wonder why I feel so stressed??

Yes, that is me.

So here is where PRIORITY comes in:

1. First you must focus on your personal relationship with God
2. Secondly you focus on your marriage
3. Then your kids, if you have some
4. Fourthly, comes you ministry. 
5. Number five is extended family and friends.
6. Lastly, work

Yes, work comes last....we spend most of our time there but it shouldn't consume us, it shouldn't dictate our life.

I am am FAR from being an example!! This is something I am going to strive for, each passing day. If I fail one day...there is a new day to start fresh.

What are your goals for this year?? 

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