June 13, 2017

Little Changes & Big Changes

So I said you'd be hearing from me more and now it's almost a month later!

It's been a crazy month of moving in two weeks...working full time...trying to get the kitchen functional and buying/building the stuff we need.

It's still quite some time before I will feel like it's more "done" but with one project done after the other...it's starting to feel more and more like a dream home I never knew I could have. The Lord has been AMAZING!

Working on lots of little projects and DIY's that I am trying my best to document over these past weeks but none of them completely done just yet. So I thought I'd share some of the little changes that made me so excited I took a picture. :D

The pictures are crappy phone pictures but you get the idea!!!

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  1. It is amazing what you have achieved in such a short space of time and with your school work as well. The work looks so professionally done - you are a very gifted person!


    1. Thank you!! Some days I think its not fast enough and then I think that we haven't even lived here for a month yet...and that it already looks really nice! :D


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