May 26, 2018

Before and After - Painted Kitchen Reveal

My dream for as long as I can remember was to have a white kitchen. Our first apartment had a greenish/teal kitchen, which just did not go with my style but had to do. I took comfort in knowing it was not forever.

Here in Germany most bigger rental apartments do not have a kitchen included and you have to buy your own, which you'd take with you if you ever moved.
So when we moved into this place May of last year we desperately needed a kitchen. First we were planning on buying one...a big expense...but the Lord let us get one FOR FREE from strangers that needed to get rid of theirs before their new kitchen came in.

When we looked at it Patrick and I both knew THIS IS THE's free...the appliances are all under 2 years....and the style is farmhouse.

There was only one was not white. Ha! That is what paint is for!

Getting it to fit our space and putting things in it's place has been a long and tedious journey. I am still on building a spice rack for this small awkward 10 cm hole...but one thing after another.

So a year later, during my week off school I decided to tackle the painting job.

I had read so many articles on Pinterest on painting a kitchen and kinda knew what I was getting myself into.

So here is the Before:

And here is the after:

I am in love with the outcome and it totally looks how I imagined it!

Are you normally a fan of wood or do you like painted kitchens?


  1. What an amazing improvement!

    It looks like a totally different room - the white paint makes it look much brighter.
    Your time off from school was well spent.

  2. I love white kitchens and how they brighten up the space! Your’s turned out gorgeous!


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