February 05, 2012

The First "I Love You"

Hi Friends,

(Iris) In a long distant relationship you have to plan ahead when an important event is coming up. This next special event is...Valentine's day. As we mentioned in the previous blog I made some Valentine's surprises for Patrick. I wanted to make it special and exciting and started looking for ideas. I saw so many so I came up with the "envelopes". Since Valentine's day is on the 14th it is exactly 2 weeks. I have Patrick open an envelope every day till Valentines. On the 14th he will get to open his gifts. So now he has already opened four!

(Patrick) When the box finally arrived I did not want to wait till February. February finally came and I was able to open the envelopes. The first envelope was a piece of Paper with 50 reasons why Iris loves me and I loved it. The second one was link to our tree which you saw on our last blog. Day three was a crossword puzzle with words from our relationship, that was fun to do. The fourth one was a new desktop background which you see right here bellow. I can't wait to open all the envelopes and a part of me wants to open them all right now! ☺

Now to the story of our first "I love you":

It all began on a Monday night (August 16, 2010), the week she was leaving for College. I had just come home from her house when we decided to chat a little more. This is the conversation (shortened) that led up to our first "I love you".

Iris: It is hitting me that I'm leaving
 patrick: yep
 patrick: I bet it is
Iris: right now I'm fighting with tears :)
 patrick: why
 patrick: what made it hit you
Iris: I don't know....
 Iris: since this was our last evening together for a looong time
 patrick: yes
Iris: and I REALLY enjoy spending time with you
Iris: and it won't be the same over the phone or skype
patrick: I can see it in your eyes :)
patrick: like the way you were looking at me tonight
 Iris: was it different than usual
 patrick: yes
 Iris: I was thinking about this the whole night
patrick: I see
 patrick: me to
patrick: I think your look had turned to more than " I really like him"
 Iris: :)
 Iris: I guess you're right
patrick: I am sorry that I'm making it  hard for you to leave
Iris: :) don't be
 Iris: the harder you make it for me to leave the more willing I am going to come back
patrick: :)
patrick: so if I told you that I love you, would that help
 Iris: help make it harder or make it easier to leave?
 Iris: :)
 patrick: harder
 Iris: yes, it makes it harder and it makes me happy
 patrick: ok
 patrick: I Love You
Iris: I love you, too

The first time we said it live to each other was on the trip to the airport. Shortly before we got there Patrick, who was sitting next to me, leaned down and whispered in my ear "I love you" and I responded with "I love you, too". After this we wrote it at the end of emails, chat-conversations, or before we hung up on the phone and today we say it all the time and never grow tired of hearing it. ☺♥♥

Leave us a comment and tell us of your first "I love you" from your Spouses or bf/gf.


  1. i just recently found your blog, and have been reading it. it's so cute :) my story is somewhat simple i guess. the guy i am courting now and i have been together for almost 3 years, anyways, we were talking once and i don't really know what we were talking about, but i said how much i appreciated him and that he was my best friend, and well, the words slipped out. it made me embarrassed at first, because i thought it was too soon to be saying those words, but he assured me and said that he loved me too. :)

    1. I love how everyone's love story is so different! :) Every story has his own twists, the way it started and the way they end.

      I am glad you enjoy my blog and thank you for joining our blog family here. :)



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