February 11, 2012

Our first Valentines Day together

It all started when we were visiting friends in TN over New Years. Before Patrick went home and I went back to my college I made Patrick promise to come visit me soon. I was missing him already and hoped I could be with him soon again. Patrick told me he would come and visit but would not tell me when. He wanted it to be a surprise and I LOVE surprises!!! ♥

Since Iris made me promise to come visit her soon I wanted to surprise her. At the time I had no clue on what I was going to do but I had plenty of time to figure it out. So over time I made several phone calls to the school and talked to the Dean of Women. Slowly a plan started to form. I was going to order flowers and have them sent to the school addressed to the Dean of Women so Iris would not find out. I was able to talk my brother Joshua into coming with me. He had been working a lot and needed a vacation and thought this would be a good weekend for him. We were planning on leaving Thursday February 10th and get there early Friday morning. We had a plan on what we were going to do and if I didn't get there in time we had a backup plan.

Iris was sick since New Years and was on bed-rest for about two weeks before I came. During this time Iris kept nagging me when I was coming but I did not tell her. I threw her off by asking continually for the number of her school even though plans were already made. ☺

I was sick for such a long time and being in bed a lot made me bored. I was really missing family during this time and wanted Patrick to be there. When he kept asking for the phone number I was getting upset because he seemed so careless about visiting me. Sometimes I would get so upset and tell Patrick that he should finally plan something or did he not want to see me. 

During those two weeks when I had bed-rest Patrick wanted to make me feel better and sometimes slipped about saying he would come to cheer me up but as soon as I started hinting about him coming he would say something and throw me off again. The week before he came he kept telling me to get better or "if" he would come I could not spend time with him because I would be in bed. This had me all excited. This continually hinting and Valentines Day coming up made it pretty clear to me (and many of my college friends) that he would probably be coming the weekend of Valentines Day. ☺ I tried hard to get well and get back into school in order to prove I was ready to hang out with Patrick whenever he came. 

The night before he came I could not think about anything else except that he might be coming. My roommate and I were studying for a test but I could not concentrate. I kept talking to her about the possibility of him coming. Little did I know that she knew he was coming!! The next morning I dressed up getting ready for Patrick's possible visit. After the 2nd hour of school I called him and asked what he was up to. He totally threw me off when he talked about TN weather. I didn't hear the car so I was convinced he was not on his way. I was so disappointed and could not think of anything else during chapel. I drug my feet to the next class and texted Patrick upset that he wasn't coming but he never responded.

The original plan was to get there in time for chapel but I missed my exit and I got there to late and had to settle with the backup plan. Once Joshua and I finally got there I called the Dean of Women and let her know that I was there. She met me outside with the flowers and then hurried to get to Iris's next class. She hid me in the video room behind the class and I sat down on my knees so no one could see me but I could still see people walking into the room. Then I saw her, the love of my life walking into the classroom in all her beauty. ☺ I was waiting for the teacher to give me the signal. At first he called out the video guy as he was making a comment to Iris that she would not be needing her cellphone anymore. After that he called out the "other video-guy" which was me. I stood behind Iris and set down the flowers in front of her. She spun around and I told her "I love you".

As I was waiting for Patrick to finally text me back  my teacher asked if I had my cellphone with me (a in-side joke). I did not notice anything else around me because I was so sad Patrick was not coming. After my teacher called out the other "video-guy" everyone started saying "Awwwwww", "Yay", "How sweet", or even started clapping. When I looked up I noticed everyone was looking at ME; one girl even pointed behind me but in that second a box of flowers was set on my desk. I turned around and PATRICK WAS THERE!!!! My teacher let me out of class for a couple of minutes so we could talk. I was sooooooo overjoyed Patrick DID come. ♥♥♥

We spent the entire weekend together as much as we could. On Saturday we went out to eat at Red Lobster and had a good time together. Sadly Patrick had to leave Monday, on Valentines Day but he gave me a WONDERFUL weekend.

♥We want to wish our faithful readers a Happy Valentines Day.♥

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At Red Lobster


  1. Happy Valentines Day!!! It has a whole knew meaning when you have someone to share it with!! <3 Keep life very full making as many memories, together, as possible!!

  2. Thank you LauraS!!!! Yes,it would be even better to be spending Valentine's Day together live! Hopefully next year. ♥♥


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