April 21, 2012

The Bathroom Conversation

The Bathroom Conversation probably took place around this time 2 years ago. So the first real conversation Iris and I had was while we were working together renovating the bathroom at the European Missionary Press' new building. Iris was assigned to finish working on the wall in the bathroom that I had started while I go run an errand. I explained to her what still needed to be done and showed her how to operate the tools. I got everything ready for her before I left her to work by herself.

When I got back Iris was still working on trying to get the wall smooth for painting. I asked her if she wanted me to continue but she declined so I took the sponge and started wiping the wall where she had been to get rid of the dust.

After awhile Iris did ask me to take over the machine because she was getting tired. Iris then took over the sponge (Iris- I could have found something else to do but since Patrick seemed interested working with me [and I kinda liked him] I thought I'd hang around and work with him too). We stood there working on the wall not really saying much but after awhile things changed. Often we were found standing there with the machine and sponge in hand just talking.

I did most of the talking back then and told her about my brothers, there names and instruments they played. Iris and I talked about the different instruments we played and generally talked about music. Iris told me of her family and her plans on becoming a teacher. We were probably "working" for about 2 hours and talked "while" we worked. ☺ Iris was standing by the door so I was trapped!!! Where could I go? All I could do was stay and talk. This was a turning point for the both of us because this was the first time we really started to get to know each other.

That night my mom, after saying goodnight, asked me if I "liked" Patrick. I didn't want to say yes but no would be a lie so I responded with: "I guess, a little bit. I don't really know him so how can I tell but from what I know I guess I do..." ☺

Also, the next time my Dad and I talked on the phone I told him that I was able to talk to Patrick for a long time. He didn't say anything about it till a few months later when I told him that Patrick and I were dating. He told me he kinda knew something was happening between us when I told him about "The Bathroom Conversation." ☺


  1. I remember talking about that coversation with Loretta!!!!! We thought it was so cute!!!!!!!

  2. Hahaha- It definitely was a mark in our history!


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