April 28, 2012

Where is it more beautiful?

 Today we thought we'd show you the beauty of where we live. Leave us a comment and tell us... Where is it more beautiful? Where Patrick lives or where I live? 


My top favorite little farm ☺

Behind my house


Behind my house

The Huguenots lived in this house!

Can you decide? ☺ Comment below ↓↓↓

Today is...DATE NIGHT! ☺♥♥♥


  1. I'm thinkin' I would choose the good ol' Southern United States any day!!! I did understand it to be TN right??? Love the tree lined road and the red barn surrounded by fields.

    1. Both Germany and TN have their beauties... but I do love TN as well! ☺

  2. I think both are beautiful! :) I am quite partial to greenery, beautiful old buildings, and breathtaking scenery! From your photos, both seem to have those! :) So i think both are beautiful. :)


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