May 01, 2012

Tuesday's Thoughts: A different Addiction

Starting Today you will receive an additional post every Tuesday. There will be different thoughts I (Iris) want to share.  Sometimes it will be an interesting tidbit I heard, a truth I want to share or a lesson I learned or am learning. On some rare occasions there will be Tuesdays called "Tutorial Tuesdays" On those days I will explain something I learned: crafts, sewing, drawing or something about creating a blog. So here we go on this first day in May!

- "Hi! My name is Iris and I was addicted to Facebook"☺

Tomorrow, something I did for a month, is ending. An entire month without facebook. Some of you may think "I don't have FB at all, so what!?" others may think "How did you do it!!!?" I am writing it mainly to those thinking "How did you do it". You know when you check FB first thing in the morning, look at every notification you get, read every silly picture or status, go on FB every time your bored.... you are probably addicted. I always thought I should try it but >I couldn't imagine a day without FACEBOOK<. The Lord asked, I read a blog called "A mom without FB" (she did it for a year!) and then... I read The Setapartgirl. That months issue was...Facebook. It said that if you thought "what would I do without FB" you should probably let it go... I did. I changed my settings so I would not receive any notifications and that was that. My four weeks have almost passed and what did I learn?

That first week was HARD. I did not know what to do with myself at times. I had nothing new to talk about... terrible. The second week I thought about FB and different interesting status updates I could write right now. The third week... I didn't think of it to much but was looking forward to having it back. And now? I acctually enjoy not having FB. The only reason I do not give it up entirely is because it is my only connection to some people I could not be in contact with any other way but I can only recommend you trying to let FB go for a time if the thought >What would I do without Facebook?< ever entered your mind.

"But shun profane and vain babblings, for they will increase until more ungodliness." 
2 Timothy 2: 16 (KJV)

I'm excited to share with you next Tuesday's's something I am starting  today!


  1. I'm the one that never did join facebook, but it can be a great tool for good. That's wonderful that you found independence and freedom in FB!

    Your blog here is so lovely, Iris! Thanks so much for grabbing a button. I always love it when you stop by:) I've always dreamed of travelling to Germany some day...


    1. Thank you for stopping by! Maybe one day you can visit over here! If you fly off season you can get tickets at a reasonable price between $600-700. And then you could maybe stay with me! :)

      Glad I got over my FB addiction.☺ Would love to give it up but like I mentioned for some its my only way to stay in contact.

  2. I would love that! Perhaps the Lord has that in store someday... wouldn't that be amazing? =)


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