May 05, 2012

The Last Visit in College

Last year May I was at college finishing up classes and studying for my finals. I only had two more weeks left of school and then I would be flying out to Germany. If I could go back and change things I think I would have stayed at college a few more days after school so I wouldn't have had to do all my packing during finals week. It was crazy!

Well, my Dad and Patrick wanted to come visit me one last time before I headed off to Germany. Both of them started planning to come and it ended up being the same weekend. I was sick again (like most of that semester) and I was so happy to have my step-mom bring me soup and take care of me Thursday night. ☺ On Friday both Patrick and my dad showed up.  That Friday night we had the college spring banquet. It was a lot of fun but went by much to quickly. After the banquet Patrick and I went to down town Disney with the rest of the college. What a beautiful night it was.

Saturday I got the whole day off and was able to SLEEP IN and spend the ENTIRE day with the people I love. Patrick and my dad brought me my favorite smoothy from Bob Evans for breakfast and then we headed out to the Gulf of Mexico. How beautiful the water was but sadly to many people thought so too and it was crowded.

After staying there for a little bit my dad told us to head back to the car he wanted to bring us somewhere. After driving for what seemed like forever he told us we were heading for the Atlantic Ocean. Only in Florida can you go see two oceans in the same day. It was a long car ride but we played 21 questions and I had a long nap. I had not been to the Atlantic Ocean since I was four years old. I was amazed at how mighty the Atlantic Ocean was. The sun was going down and it was the most beautiful and romantic sight.

We stayed there till it got dark. My dad took lots of pictures again and we just walked along the beach. The waves were getting stronger and we were pretty wet by the time we headed for the car. Here are a few of my favorite pictures!

At the Restaurant my Dad took this lovely picture of us:

We came home very late but we had another wonderful day together on Sunday. After church we went out to eat again and then my Dad and step-mom headed back home. Patrick and I had a great time Sunday night dreading Monday but Monday came much to soon.

That Monday was one of the hardest days in our lives. The minutes kept ticking and Patrick had to go home. We did not know when we would get to see each other again and that made saying goodbye ten times worse. Before the second hour Patrick and I said goodbye with me just sobbing... yeah that how I came to English Composition. Believe me the class wasn't that hard! ☺ Little did Patrick and I know that 6 months later we would see each other again. Those were some hard six months but we did it!

It has been five months now since we've been together and we have at least another three months to go but thankfully time is flying. I had made a calender for Patrick, which you can see HERE and this months quote is:

"Missing someone gets easier everyday because even though you are one day further from the last time you saw them, you are one day closer to the next time you will."

Patrick had given me a wonderful ring for Valentines Day but because it was to big I had to send it back, he had to send it back, they had to send it back, Patrick had to send it back.... and finally I GOT it back. ☺ It is actually a set of 3 rings put together. Each ring reads "I LOVE YOU" on the inside. Together they form a heart with a diamond ring inside.
So now I can finally show it off! What do you think?
My man is the most wonderful guy. He is the "bestest" friend I ever had. He listens to me and has fun with me. He knows so much Bible and its great to talk to him about spiritual things. He loves the Lord, church and Missions in way I don't. I am thankful the Lord gave me such a wonderful boyfriend. I cannot wait for the day when we can truly do the Lord's work side by side!

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