May 20, 2012

An entire week in 2010

Today we are a little late with our post because we wanted to work on it together and both of us had a busy weekend but here we go:

In the summer that Patrick came to Germany, my church had a Vacation Bible School. We had been dating for little over a month and weren't really open about our relationship then. That didn't stop me getting excited about spending and entire week, every evening with the man I was falling in love with.

When I heard about their Vacation Bible School I was anticipating to work in it. I had worked in the VBS's of my church and was really hoping to be a part of theirs but then I learned that it was going to be completely German. But it still worked out!!! I was put in charge of the games since I love games. I didn't know any German but had lots of fun anyways.

(Iris) I worked in the crafting department and we BOTH were apart of the music program. It was the first time we spent and entire week together and though I had the biggest knots in my stomach when Patrick was around I really enjoyed that week of Vacation Bible School (because Patrick was there ☺).

But during all this time I was conscience on where Iris was. For some "weird reason" I wanted to know where Iris was at all times. ☺ I really enjoyed playing music with her during the singing.

(Iris) Here is a picture someone took of me during the Vacation Bible School. Do you see my big smile? May it be because of the man in the back of the picture?☺

(Patrick) bellow is probably not the best picture of us either but actually the first picture that was taken of us together, in public, as far as we know! Yeah, I am on the guitar and Iris is listening...that's how our relationship began... MUSIC.

Bellow you see a video clip my Grandma made of us playing our VBS song while the children are singing. This is the unedited version and I want to warn you to turn your speakers down... IT WILL get LOUD!!! I hope you can enjoy the enthusiasm of children at Vacation Bible School. ☺

For those that read this post as an email please click HERE to watch the video.

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