May 15, 2012

A trip into the past : The City of Nürnberg

This past Saturday I took a trip to Nürnberg with some friends. It was a wonderful day of fellowship and fun. Nürnberg is a very old city with a lot of history. It was an imperial City and it only had to give account to the Emperor. Most other cities had to give account to Kings and Princes as well as the Emperor. Nürnberg was also known to be a commercial city as it It was one of the most important cities when the Spice-trade started.

Nürnberg is also known for its key role in WWII. Hitler was planning on making Nürnberg his capital city of the Third Reich and after the war the Americans held the Nürnberg-trials there. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I felt like I took a trip into the past.

The St Lawrence Church (Building started approx 1250)
Leading merchants would get a niche like this one for their families in church

The organ and the main window. Churches at that time were built East to West. This window is in the East so that the first rays of sunlight would show off the magnificent art of the glass work

The bell was broken in WWII. Though they tried to fix the crack it never had a good sound.

A few pictures of the city:

The Fortress in Nürnberg
LEBKUCHEN- a spice cake what Nürnberg is known for. (And yes the orginal taste better than the ones in Aldi)

I just loved this stand!
The fountain on the market place. It probably should have been the top of a church but there wasn't enough money and they made a well out of it! Beautiful craftsmanship.
How do you like this smiley face? ☺

Going up to the fortress

Overlooking Nürnberg!
These are just plain cute! ☺
Who would like to live here?

After looking at the fortress we went into the underground tunnels that saved many lives during the air attacks of WWII :

Originally the underground tunnels started out as individual beer cellars.

An example on how they used to collect water. In Nürnberg  it's mainly sandstone but the water would collect on the layer of clay.
An air shaft

What they used to bring water from the Forrest into the city. Of course the wood soon become rot and then they used lead. Though lead was poisonous it normally didn't poison the water because it went through much to quickly

Other fun things like ...
...a confederate army chess game for my southern friends!
or maybe you want some swords?

 Lastly we went to the Colosseum Hitler built. It was 16,5 km² big and was suppose to seat 50.000 people.

How it looked like before
The swastika was blown up on April 22, 1945

The place where we all are standing is where Hitler stood and held his speeches.

What amazing God we have. Hundreds of years of history but our God is the same yesterday, today and forever!


  1. Beautiful old Buildings! :) I love them all. Great pictures you have taken. Was it eery to be in those places that hitler had been? :)

    1. Thank you for your compliments! I felt "special" standing in a place where a big part of history had taken place but it didn't feel eery. I (Iris) actually lived in the Nürnberg area for 7 years.


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