September 14, 2012

A box was found!

Hello my friends,

Look what I found! Yeah, its a box. Neighbors threw this old tool box away and I saw an awesome decoration/ storage box. :) What do you I am getting ready to clean it.

 Beautiful vintage lock:

Here is the first 3 sections:

The second layer was just a little dirtier and has 10 sections. :)

After I dusted, vacuumed and scrubbed it. It is still wet in the picture but this is it!

Do you all have any ideas what I could do with it? I am thinking of painting it, giving it a vintage look. Maybe get some cute scrap booking paper and put it in the individual sections as a lining.... Also, what are some ideas what I can use it for and no I don't want it as a tool box. ☺


  1. Oh what a gorgeous box! :) I love it. :) I agree, i think you should paint it and antique it depending on what colour you like :) But maybe a white wash would be cute. :) And then put the scrapbooking paper on the inside. :) And then you could store your jewellery in there? Or even, use it for Crafting items Ribbons, threadsy, buttons, all those kinds of fun things. :) Very cute! Love it. What a good find! :)

    1. White wash was exactly what I was thinking! I have done that style of painting before so I need to learn and buy the right stuff. Crafting does sound like a good idea! Mhmmmmmm. :)


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