September 01, 2012

The beginning of the End

Iris and I have not written a blog post together for a few weeks. While she was here the Weekends were packed with activities that we could do together. Later at her dad's there was not time either to just sit down, chat and write. Iris flew in last Saturday and so today we thought we could write something together again.

You might be wondering what in the world we are talking about in our title. Well as we had mentioned <here> I will be moving to Germany. Just yesterday I sent a box with some clothes of mine and today my brothers helped me move most of my big furniture out of the apartment. We are planning for me to fly sometime in October.

This time is very exciting for me and Iris. We are seeing the end of our long distant relationship, Lord willing; and are happy to know we will be spending our first Christmas together in person. Please pray for us, there is a lot of planning and money involved and we need a lot of wisdom in this big step of faith.

I am so excited about this but yes, please pray for Patrick to find buyers for the stuff he's selling, a good price on a flight ticket (they are very expensive this year), and for everything he will be needing over here.

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