March 03, 2012

Faith In The Making

Dear Friends,

The steps are slow but steady with the plans for Patrick's move to Germany. Sometimes it can get real discouraging but it is awesome to know God is with us. We both love to talk about the times when we can truly see the Lord at work. It is so special to see the hand of God in our lives because it proves to us that the Lord cares about us bu I think we all can come to agree that there are times when we are worried about tomorrow.
With this big step that Patrick will be taking in the fall, figuring numbers and trying to make things meet can sometimes be scary! As Patrick and I were talking numbers I happened to glance on a title of one of my songs: "Don't Worry". Many of you are probably thinking of "Don't Worry- Be Happy" but that's not it. ☺It is a song from PCC and as soon as I read those words I could hear the music in my head:

Don't Worry about what to eat
Don't worry about shoes for your feet
Don't worry about a place to stay
Let Jesus take your worries away

 After listening to that song I felt much better! ☺


Without the Lord it would be impossible to move to Germany but the Lord has been giving me assurance that this is what he wants me to do. I just need to learn to trust him which can be hard sometimes. That is why it is called living by faith and not by sight. This week my church has been having a family revival. I've been getting discouraged lately about the road to Germany and how hard it is becoming but every sermon has been about trusting in the Lord, being filled with the Holy Spirit and following God's will for your life no matter what. Once he even turned to the same passage of Scripture that God showed me about me moving to Germany. This was reassuring to me that everything is going to be fine.

Here is a good quote from Corrie Ten Boom:

Please continue to pray for us!


  1. Beautiful, beautiful song. Thank you so much for sharing! Prayers for you both as you plan out and pray over this important place in your lives.


    1. Thank you Kellie! And maybe we will meet in Germany some day. Here or there or in the air!



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