March 10, 2012

☼ Flowers- a sign of Love

The picture here on the left are the first flowers I have ever received. And this is the story:

Patrick and I had been dating about 3 months when I moved to my college in FL. I had never seen anyone dating before and really didn't know how one should/could "act". Patrick was nice to me and kept our relationship secretive while we were in Germany because I was nervous and embarrassed (I know I'm weird ☺).

At college I met many couples doing right but being open about their relationship, also I was having a hard time skyping Patrick without anyone noticing ☺. I told Patrick that I no longer wanted to keep it a secret but didn't know how to go about telling the others about him. He told me he had a plan and that I should await something in two days...

I was waiting patiently waiting for her to get over being shy. There were so many times when I wanted to tell the good new about our courtship but I declined the opportunity.

When the day came that she wanted to make it known to the world that she and I were dating I quickly thought of a plan to help that along: something to make her happy but to show everyone in her college that she is not available. ☺ I told her that I had a surprise for her and that it would get there in two days. I knew it would confuse her because she would be thinking I was sending something from Germany.

Like he said, I was confused. I had no idea how he could be so sure it would be here in 2 days... 2 weeks maybe but not 2 days. I waited and actually had a purple slip in my mailbox 2 days later telling me that I had a package!!!

The funny thing was that just a few hours before receiving my conversation opener I told a few girls that I had a boyfriend and they made me show a picture. ☺ Well anyway, I went to the Student Affairs office to pick up my package and guess what... It was a box of flowers!!! I never had flowers sent to me but I recognized it from movies. ☺ Everyone wanted to see so I opened it down there. They were so beautiful. ♥♥

Now over the year and eight months Patrick has given me lots of flowers. ☺♥ He definitely knows how to win a girls heart.

First Flowers I ever received
Flowers to cheer me up!
The flowers from the surprise visit (Valentines Day)

Flowers he bought me on my first visit to TN

The  TWO bouquets  from my second TN visit

Flowers he sent just because he loved me! ♥

My Valentine flowers 2012

♥☺ I still have them all .... dried.☺♥

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