March 18, 2012

Happy Birthday Patrick

1 week old Patrick!♥
Patrick turns __ __ today!

Since we celebrated it together yesterday we are writing the blog today. ☺ We had a great time and made this second birthday together as special as possible over  Skype. This is what we did:

I was asleep nice and peaceful when suddenly a loud ring came from the computer. Sloooooooowly I turned... to see that Iris was calling me. So I answered and saw that Iris, her mom and grandma were sitting there and they started singing Happy Birthday. It just turned 12 o'clock in TN.

After a few more hours of sleep we started our date and my birthday over Skype. After a few minutes of talking we continued with our Bible study on faith. We look up every verse in which the word "faith" is mentioned and we found it interesting that the disciples were being rebuked for their lack of faith whereas the Gentiles were commended for their great faith.
Here is a picture of us doing our Bible study:

After the Bible study we played a few games over Skype. We had a lot of fun trying out new games and Iris got a chance to win too. ☺(Iris- I never get to win so I was super excited!!!)

On the picture below are some random pictures. In the first picture you see us giving cheers over Skype with our root-beer. ☺☺

We ate lunch/dinner together with my mom & grandma. Patrick & I planned a good meal of lasagne, garlic bread, salad and rootbeer. Patrick added corn to his meal which I thought does not fit with lasagne.  ☺

Here is the Birthday-boy with the ice cream cake. We sand "Happy Birthday" in German & then he blew out the candle. ☺Sadly none of us could have a piece but I don't think Patrick was to sad that he can have it to himself ☺ Now he can enjoy ice cream cake over the next few days. But my mom, oma & I had ice cream, too! After we ate our desserts Patrick got to open the gifts I sent him.

My favorite gift was a 3 CD pack of 50 mandolin songs. I was impressed of the many styles (classical, hymns & bluegrass) the mandolin was playing and at how simple each song is played. It showed me that you don't always have to play fast & over the top to make the mandolin sound nice and impressive!

After food and celebrating Iris and I watch a funny movie together. We had a good time laughing together and talking about the day. Iris then went to bed and I spent some time with good friends of mine.

It was an amazing day "together" and we both had lots of fun!!!

Patrick and I "together" March 17, 2012

 Birthday card 

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