August 23, 2013

♫ I Know God Makes No Mistakes

At our Church Camp Patrick and I sang this song at our last service. We are singing it in German but I have written the beautiful and thought provoking words bellow.

Feel free to download or pin the quote picture.

Verse 1
My life I give to you, O Lord;
Use me, I pray.
May I glorify your precious name
In all I do and say.
Let me trust you in the valley dark,
As well as in the light,
Knowing you will always lead me;
Your will is always right.
Verse 2
And when someday in heaven above
I see his dear face,
May I then be counted faithful
As a runner in this race.
But now I’m trusting in the Savior
To show me the way.
In his righteousness he guides me,
As I seek to please him day by day.
I know God makes no mistakes,
He leads in every path I take
Along the way that’s leading me to home.
Though at times my heart would break,
There’s a purpose in every change he makes.
That others would see my life and know
That God makes no mistakes.

Leave a link to your favorite song that encourages you through hard times!


  1. That is so pretty, Iris! That song has been sung at our Youth Camp the past two years, and it was really neat to hear it in German. We miss hearing Patrick sing around here! :)

    1. :) Thank you! It is a really pretty song. We've sung twice now together and each time we had someone come up to us and ask for the music.

  2. I'm not able to watch the video here, but the words are beautiful! What a great sentiment.

    My favorite song is the hymn "It Is Well".

    1. "It is Well" is a beautiful song....harmony is beautiful too.


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