August 16, 2013

What We've Been Doing

See entire outfit here.
If feels like I haven't written a post in forever. I truly miss it but this blog is a hobby right now and sadly I have more important things that I should be working on. My head is FULL of ideas on what I can blog about....I just need someone to write it & promote it for me. Hahahaha. ☺ Anyone interested?

So what's been happening?

► After getting back I have been doing school, writing papers, finish reading a GIGANTIC book, teaching presentations....

►I only had a bit over a week left to get everything done....but thankfully they gave me an extension.

►Patrick is having to move out of the house he's "sitting" so we helped get everything cleaned up before the family comes back.

►We've been enjoying the show Hogan's Heros. Love the incidents & humor! ☺

►Patrick did really good but... did not pass the German security test. Please continue to pray as we look for classes he can take to help him pass it, Lord willing, next month.

►Do you like dreaming of your future home? Or enjoy interior decorating or... Well, I found this free "Homestyler" online that you can do your home/ room in 2D and 3D

►I've been talking, planning & praying about different decisions that will effect the future....senior year, working?, student teaching, graduation,...

 ► What have you been up too?

Until next time...what style of posts do you like best?
→DIY  →devotional  →Tutorials  →something else...comment bellow!

PS: Even if I don't answer you comments lately...I do read them & appreciate them greatly!!


  1. Sounds like you've been busy, busy!

    Yes, I love dreaming about our home, interior decorating, etc. It doesn't always come to fruition, but it's fun to think about.

    The only big thing going on here is that the little one is getting ready to start kindergarten. So exciting! She starts in 10 days. Weeee!

  2. Sounds like you have been really busy!
    That's too bad that Patrick didn't pass the test...hopefully he will be able to pass it next time with flying colors!
    I've been pretty busy too...I thought my life would be pretty slow after school ended, but then a bunch of things came up, and I've been asked to take on an early morning nannying job of sorts, and then trying to get the things done that I couldn't during's still pretty hectic! But I like to be busy, so that's ok.(:

    1. Busy is ok....sometimes I wish I can slow down....but busy means I have a purpose. :)

  3. Hi Iris, lovely to find you and your blog. I too miss blogging, but sometimes find it hard to fit it all in!

    That Homestyler website looks a lot of fun - off to play with it!

    Hi from N Ireland


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