August 30, 2013

5 Office Space Ideas

With school/college starting....days will be spent sitting at a desk. So shouldn't it be a great space to make work more fun!?

Closet to Office Space
I totally love this idea for many reasons. One, its just plain cute....or maybe it's just the color & decoration. ☺ Two, the idea of creating a fun cozy workspace with more wall space than you really have....I love wall space. Three, if the desk gets messy (mine all you have to do is close the door and .... it's clean.

Bright Vintage Desk
I love bright windows....natural light just "lightens" the mood..... The vintage style is very comfortable and easy to do. Get your favorite color paint....and some white paint and start at it. Give your office space a new vintage look.
oh, hello friend: you are loved.: inspire: lovely.

Simple Office
I love the simplicity of this space. The plain white color makes it light and inviting. The little open box-shelves keeps things neatly arranged and organized.
Bureau réalisé avec des casiers peints en blancs et installés sur une simple table blanche

Fun Collage
School work can be pretty boring so why not make your work place more fun? I love nature and birds so this fun collage really speaks to me but you can do whatever you want. What theme would YOU choose?

IMG_5947 (by irideeën)

Structured and Organized
Some need prefect organization to concentrate and think. I like how this desk has a place for everything.....but everything pulls together. You can easily accomplish this look by using what you have and black spray paint...or white...or navy...or what color would you choose?

lovely workspace / Nice and organized.

What's your favorite work space?


  1. 1 & 4 are my favorites. I like that they are organized yet not to stuffy.


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