August 27, 2013

Two {Custom} Blog Designs

Today I wanted to share with you two blogs I designed last month. Both ladies were awesome to work with and gave me some new experiences working with & getting to know total strangers....and decorate their home on the internet.

Savvy Working Gal was very open for ideas. After giving me a few other blogs as examples I came up with this design which she loved right away. After a choice of about 5 colors she decided for this purple blue design.

{Link to Blog}

Mary-Andering Creatively wanted something that would match her love for writing and her love for roses. I decided to use my photography skills in the process and with a bit of imagination, old books, pink roses and red nail polish I had a great header and colors to work with.
{Link to Blog}

You can get a Custom look for $50.....or a fun pre-made design for only $25!

Go check out my site: CHARMING BLOG DESIGN

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