May 30, 2014

Beach Trips // Bucketlist

Scratched some things off my Bucket List today.....visit the link to see what I've accomplished so far. 

And here are some of my chosen pictures from our trip to the two beaches.

Atlantic // Coco Beach
Sadly my battery died right as we got to the Atlantic .... very sad....but here are a few.

That day it was very windy but surprisingly the water was warm! So when the waves came crashing on you it felt good then the cold wind blew on your wet body and brrrrr was it cold. It was only a short stay but it was an amazing experience. The ocean is just so mighty. 

Gulf // Clear Water Beach

My battery was ready this time....

Yes, I like did you tell? 

I got some beautiful pictures from Clearwater....mainly because a beach is just gorgeous. Here the water was surprisingly not as warm but thankfully it wasn't very windy either. The day at the beach was perfect.....of course....I got engaged that day! ☺

Tell me, where have you been to the beach? What's your favorite part of the beach?

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  1. This pictures are gorgeous, Iris! They're making me long to visit the beach. :) I really like that vivid sunset picture.

    decked out in ruffles


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