May 27, 2014

Graduation // Elementary Education

Getting Engaged is much more exciting, I know, but I have been working on this degree the last 4 years and was always looking forward to the day I'd be back in FL to walk down the isle aisle with my cap & gown. 

On May 18th, 2014 I graduated with Cum Laude 
and received a 
Bachelor of Science in Christian Elementary Education

My freshman year I was an on campus student and was blessed to meet many young people striving to serve the Lord and follow his will in their lives. Many have inspired me to stay strong in the faith and encouraged me by letting me know I was not the only one in my age trying to do right.

For various reasons I then decided to finish up my studies, with the same college, through their directed studies program.  It was a blessing to be active in my own church and do my schooling at my own pace but there were days when it felt lonely and it took a lot of effort to sit down on my own and work on school.

But here I am 4 years later. I still have not figured out what the best way is to study with the directed studies program but I time....with cum laude. 

I couldn't say a speech on my graduation day but I can here on the blog. 
I could have not done my schooling alone! First of all the Lord helped me and blessed me in many ways so that I could concetrate on doing school. He gave me enough discipline to do school on my own and finish up in time.
Secondly there was Patrick. Patrick encouraged me and helped me study so many tests. His funny jokes he did helped me remember many of my long lists I had to memorize and if I studied with him I'd normally get an 100 or 99%! He also helped me with lots papers & just plain encouraged me when I felt overwhelmed.
Then there is my mom. She did various chores for me so I could concentrate on studying. I really had it good folks! And in my last 2 semesters when I was cramming to get everything done in time to graduate this year she sat there with me till late at night studying for tests and verse quizzes with me.
Lastly there is my dad & step-mom who financed my college. Without their help I would have not been able to only work on college education but would had to try to finance my tuition.

Are any of you graduating from highschool/ college?


  1. Congratulations! So many big and wonderful changes have come your way recently, and I'm excited for you!

  2. Congratulations to you! So many things to be thankful for~ Go out and change the world!

  3. Congratulations Iris - and you look absolutely stunning in your cap and gown.




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