May 10, 2014

The Trip There & Our First Day

Waiting for the streetcar....the beginning of our journey.
Waiting for the train....
Train Tracks in Mannheim, Germany
My uncle, Oma & me
ICE (fast train) almost here!
Waiting at the airport in Frankfurt, Germany
On a Lufthansa flight with Oma
At Landmark Baptist College again!! :D
Enjoying Pink Lemonade!!!

We did something a little different on this trip....we took the train to the to the airport. I found some cheap tickets online that were actually cheaper than paying for gas! WE planned everything with lots of buffer know, just in case. But everything went really smooth and all connections were on time.

The flight was good. It was a direct flight from Frankfurt to Orlando.....but still not too long. Only 9 hours of flying. The worst part about the airport was the security and customs in Orlando.....they want to know alot and it took FOREVER for my Oma and Uncle to go through customs. Then they weren't happy that "they" (it was me) didn't write the house number....oops. I didn't remember the house number though.

Finally through the whole ordeal we were OUT! Then came the adventure of finding a phone to tell me friend we were here.....I ended up asking the information desk if I can call her which they let me do. So outside we walked and got hit my humid FL air. WE waited awhile....but she was suppose to be outside already? "Excusme is there another place someone could be waiting"
"Well, there is a Gate A"
"I told her we were at Gate B and she said she was here"
"There is one downstairs"
Yep, there she was waiting and waiting for us.

Finally we got home. The lady that takes care of the Church's Guest house was super sweet and had the radio on Gospel 90.3 and baked us a cinnamon bread. After eating a little something and a warm shower we crawled into bed.

The next day we took things slowly though we were all up by 6 am and had been rolling around not being able to sleep for about 2 hours.....jetlag from Germany wants you to go to bed early and get up early....why can't I feel this way in Germany lol.

At 2 o'clock I did a presentation of Germany in my friends 6th grade class. Sadly I couldn't show my power point presentation but I think it still was pretty interesting.....well, I had a good time! ☺

After I got home I asked if my Oma and Uncle wanted to walk to my college and I show them around there. It was great to see all the familiar places and see some of my friends again. Most of the ones I hung out with or talked to regulary are not here anymore. Many either already graduated because they 1 or 2 years ahead of me or they are married and living somewhere else now.

Taking one day at a time now until my dad gets here on Monday...

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  1. Congratulations on your graduation Iris! That's so neat that your uncle and Oma got to come with you to see it!


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