May 08, 2014

Summer Bucketlist 2014

Today I am flying.....
I am starting an eventful but fun summer.
The last couple of weeks I had lots of studying and stress but now the fun is starting.
Graduation & Summer break here I come!!!

  • Fly to the US 
  • Go to Florida
  • Review/ Learn the multiplication table from 1-12 again
  • Write my rough draft of my book on... (email me to find out what I am writing about)
  • Graduate from college!!(May 18th)
  • Go to the Beach (the Gulf)
  • Go to the Beach (Atlantic)
  • Go to TN
  • Go traditional English barn dancing
  • Read 2 English books
  • Read 1 German books
  • Craft Cards
  • Digital Card Designing
  • Sew a camera bag
  • Go thrift shopping!!!!
  • Regular outfits on Feminine Modesty
  • Journal my eventful summer!
  • Go "teacher-shopping"
  • Try making some of the foods I've pinning on pinterest
  • Pray more:
    • Pray for my man
    • Pray for my/our future
  • Sew!!
  • Go to Maryland
  • Get engaged
  • Get married
  • Move to our new home
  • Go on our Honeymoon to France

 It's a pretty long list but I have a long & busy summer ahead of me! We'll see what all I get done! ☺Over the course of the summer I will sharing my adventures with you and scratching one thing after the other from my bucket list! I just might add a thing or two.

Do you have a summer bucket list? Tell me about it!


  1. Ah, you have me in suspense!! That sounds like a wonderful summer, I hope you enjoy it!

  2. It sounds like you'll be extremely busy! But it also sounds like you'll have a lot of fun.

    I hope to move to a new house this summer and move my niece and her family into my current home. My husband and I both teach (I, college English: he, high school chemistry), so we'll enjoy having time off from work and time together.

    Blessings on your plans!


    1. Time off is wonderful! Even if it is just time to do the other things you need to get done that you otherwise could not do.


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