July 15, 2014

A Day in Gettysburg

The week before I headed back to Germany I visited some family in Maryland I hadn't seen in 20 years. It was fun getting reacquainted again. While we were there my dad, step-mom & I did some touristy things......

The first thing was a trip to Gettysburg.

And I sure had a great time! First we watched a 20 minute movie about the civil war and how Gettysburg played a role in the war, after that we saw the Cyclorama....what an impressive painting!! Not only could you look at it but they gave the history of the painting and told the story about the 3 day war with sound effects and pointing out different scenes in the painting. When we were done we took a bus tour showing us the battle grounds. We ended the history filled day with a visit to the museum....I learned so much I forgot most of it! ☺

Have you been to Gettysburg? How did you enjoy it? What did you get to see!?

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  1. That is so cool you got to go to Gettysburg. We hope to do that some day as well! Thanks for all the pics:)


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