July 18, 2014

Engagement Photo Session w/o Touching

I think I dreamed more of my engagement pictures than wedding pictures..... I had something particular in my head and it came out way better than I hoped and imagined.

Since I got engaged in the US and wanted these pictures in my invites, I needed to find someone to take pictures of us. I had no idea where to look... I didn't want to pay to much but I did want someone semi good at taking pictures. When I said that Patrick's sister mentioned a lady in church that has a photography business. So off I went to look if she had a website......and I was impressed!

I asked her about it at church and she was very flexible and excited to do it....and so was I. We all were busy moving and we had been having a lot of rain......but we set a date and just did it.....and here is what came out. ☺

Also, all our pictures were done without touching....but still look sweet & romantic

I totally loved the mother-daughter team from Double Takes Photography.....they made me & my man feel relaxed. They came with their own ideas and were more than willing to do my ideas too. If you live in the Nashville area I truly recommend them.... Another bonus: They have GREAT prices!


  1. Lovely photo shoot! (And I love your hair). Does this mean you'll post wedding photos next?! :)

    1. Yes! Probably will be posting 1 more post before the wedding pictures....since I don't have them myself yet.....and then our honeymoon pictures!!

  2. Those are adorable! :D Congratulations, Iris! :D

  3. Hi Iris,

    This is the first time I've visited your blog (I clicked on the link from The Sweet Surrender) and it's gorgeous!

    What a unique idea to do your engagement shoot without touching - I assume that was on purpose! May I ask why you chose to do that? (since I've never been here before I don't know much of your background... the answer to this may be explained as I browse your blog!)


    1. The reason we did a photo shoot w/o touching was that is what we tried doing throughout our relationship. The Bible says "It is good for man not to touch a woman..." It is an advice and not a rule but a good goal to have going into a relationship..that why you get to know each other without the physical distraction and how much sweeter for all the lovey dovey stuff only to have been shared with your husband/wife. That way there is no comparing with previous partners.

      There are many that do this but want sweet, romantic engagement pictures.....so here is what we did.


  4. We never took engagement photos, but I think it would have been fun! I love the slightly 'vintage' inspired look of your photos!

  5. Congratulations! I love your dress, how awesome! I'm digging the vintage vibe too. I think I like these more than some of the photo's i've seen. Happy Saturday!

  6. Totally cute. I am getting my engagement pictures taken in a couple weeks and can't wait.


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