July 16, 2014

A Trip to Washington DC

I am still playing "catch up"!! This blog is my little journal and I try to keep it up to date.....I am posting a month later but on the blog it shows up on the day we went....

After our trip to Gettysburg the day before, we drove to DC to see all the sites & memorials there. You definitely know when you've reach DC.....busy busy traffic! We took a bus tour that took us to all big sites in DC and also included a lunch (sandwich) on a ship.....It was a busy day but  I definitely enjoyed every minute of it.

Again, I wish I could remember more of the names & stories but after 4 years of college, meeting lots of new people & planning my wedding my brain was an over-soaked sponge....no room. ☺

*Sorry its blurry....but the only one I have of me with Jefferson

What a special opportunity I had to see the capital of the our great nation...the USA!  Have you been to Washington D.C before? What was your favorite part about it?

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  1. So neat Iris! It looks like you had a lot of fun. In that last picture, you look quite important and presidential. I've never been to D.C., but I'd love to go someday.


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